These seven initiatives are designed to position Saint Joseph’s College so that we are better able to achieve our strategic goals.

Stewarding Our Enrollment

We will establish ambitious and achievable goals for retention and completion, and explore sustainable models for student support and success.

Stewarding the Faculty and Staff Community

We will implement sustainable activities and processes that will recognize and reward the contributions of all members of our community.

Enhancing and Diversifying Our Revenue Streams

We will increase revenue from existing sources and develop new revenue streams through creative, entrepreneurial activities.

Stewarding Our Campus Environment

We will undertake a series of planning and development projects that will transform the heart of our campus.

Developing a 21st-Century Educational Program

We will rebuild our undergraduate program and establish a framework for sustainable growth at all degree levels, credit and non-credit.

Stewarding Our Legacy

We will undertake a series of activities that will strengthen the College’s identity so that we can better share our story, both internally and externally.

Institutionalizing Our Commitment to Excellence

We will develop sustainable systems for measuring and assessing our efforts in order to improve our practice in a variety of areas.