Join a Career Fair Planning Team

Networking, Feedback & Experience

Career Fair Planning Teams provide an opportunity for students to engage in a significant learning experience beyond the classroom. Working alongside professionals in the field, alumni, faculty, and staff in planning and running an event of significant magnitude will provide them with a great opportunity to network, receive feedback, and gain real-life experience.

We’re building a team-based structure this year to tackle the multitude of planning and implementation logistics, and invite you to join one of our teams (descriptions below). We envision each team to consist of 1-2 faculty/staff, 1-2 Alumni, 1-2 professionals in the field that bring particular expertise to their team’s purpose, and 5-7 SJC students. We also envision that the “chair” of each team would be a shared responsibility between a professional/alum and a current student.

Major in Experience

Team Descriptions – We envision four teams:

  • The Employer/Vendor Outreach and Registration Team will ensure that ~70 Employers attend, from varied organizations offering opportunities for nearly every major on campus.
  • The Student, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Outreach Team will ensure that over 400 students, 50 people from the general public, 25 faculty/staff, and 10 Alumni attend the event.
  • The Hospitality Team will ensure that EVERYONE has a wonderful experience, from the time they step foot onto campus (or into the Career Fair) until the time they leave. This team will utilize a TQM (Total Quality Management) approach to their work.
  • The Value Added Events Team will ensure that many attendees participate in additional opportunities: Resume Reviews, LinkedIn Page Reviews, and a LinkedIn photo shoot.