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Connections Project Sponsor Request

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Internship, Volunteer Opportunity, Research

Connections is a unique program at Saint Joseph’s College providing students in their junior and senior years the opportunity to apply for funding for an internship, research project, volunteer opportunity, or study away program. We believe that these experiential programs will differentiate students from their peers when they start their careers or apply to graduate school.

Sponsorship Requirements for Connections Project

To align with recently interpreted legal standards for unpaid internships, the project needs to provide the student with significant educational benefits, encompass hands-on training, and must complement, rather than displace, the work of paid employees. Therefore:

  • Projects must contribute to a student’s growth and development by providing experience in—or a different perspective on—a student’s field of study.
  • Projects should provide students with exposure (when appropriate) to industry, organization, or subject-matter leadership trends and expertise.

Submit a Proposal on the Provided Request for Proposal Template

Provide detail on your proposed project: who, what, why, where, how.

Provide name and contact information for the student’s direct project mentor/supervisor.

Explain how you think this project will contribute to a student’s growth and development:

  • How will it help a student get experience in his/her field of study?
  • How will it help a student experience a different perspective on his/her field of study?

Necessary detail:

  • Number of hours per day, days per week, and total number of weeks required
  • Preferred schedule including start date

Required skills or experience:

  • Academic major requested
  • Specific skills (e.g., knowledge of software, CPR training, language capability)
  • Experience required or preferred (e.g., experience as camp counselor, in business setting, with customer service)

Send completed proposal as an email attachment to

Criteria for an Academic Internship at Saint Joe’s

Review Applications

  • Once a completed Connections proposal is received, all students qualifying for the Connections program will be notified
    of the opportunity and invited to apply if they meet the proposal requirements.
  • Applications will be forwarded to the sponsors for review and decisions on follow-up interviews.
  • Sponsor Project Application

Interviews & References

  • Sponsors are invited to hold interviews of final candidates on our Standish, Maine, campus or at their workplace.
    Arrangements can easily be made for Skype interviews, if necessary.
  • Students will provide the project sponsors with a minimum of 2 references.

Decision & Offer

  • Sponsors notify the Director of Career Development of their decision and extend directly to the student the invitation to participate in the project.

Evaluation & Feedback

  • Sponsors will provide students with performance feedback mid-way through the project and will also complete an evaluation upon the completion of the assignment.
  • Students will complete a reflection paper on their project experience and will provide the sponsor with a copy.


Call Beth Richardson, Director of Career Development, at 207-893-6636 or email