Phase 1: Explore

  • Visit or contact the Career Studio for an introduction to the Academic & Career Coaches as well as our Career Peers and learn about the resources available to you.
  • Begin identifying your personality, interests, skills, and values by using a variety of assessment tools.
  • Meet with an Academic & Career Coach to discuss career options in your major and to identify your academic and career goals and long-term objectives.
  • Seek out experiences in Student Government, clubs and organizations, Campus Ministry, student-leadership positions, and professional associations.
  • Attend career-related seminars, alumni panels, events, workshops, and webinars.
  • Visit or contact us for any employment-related information, including part-time, temporary, and summer jobs.
  • Create a résumé.

Phase 2: Investigate

  • Investigate career alternatives and begin to narrow down career choices.
  • Consider and choose academic majors/minors that combine your personality, interests, and skills with your tentative career goals, and plan your curriculum.
  • Take part in informational interviews, job shadowing opportunities, mentoring sessions, and volunteer experiences in career fields that you are considering.
  • If you are considering attending graduate/professional school after graduation, visit us to discuss the graduate/professional school application process and to begin to identify appropriate programs.
  • If you are planning to participate in an internship program during your junior year, you need to complete a resume.
  • Consider building your resume by obtaining a leadership position and/or participating in a summer internship program and the staff can help you find opportunities that work for you.

Phase 3: Experience

  • Apply for internship and fieldwork placements where academic departments and our our Academic & Career Coaches work together to help you find an appropriate position.
  • Seek out on- and off-campus leadership opportunities that will help shape your career direction.
  • Begin to plan your job search process—contact or visit our Career Studio and develop your strategy, polish your résumé, and identify the types of positions that interest you.
  • If you are planning to attend graduate school, narrow down your search for graduate programs, obtain program and degree information, find out application dates, identify graduate admission examinations that are required for your program, and consider registering for and taking the examinations as early as possible.
  • If you are thinking about service opportunities, such as the Peace Corps, Mercy Corps, or AmeriCorps, visit the CSC to get information packets and begin the application process.

Phase 4: Implement

  • Visit or contact the Career Studio to plan your job search strategy and to talk about how to find and apply for career opportunities in the United States and beyond.
  • Attend campus or online information sessions with employer representatives to learn specifics about their organizations and available employment opportunities.
  • Register for and take graduate admissions examinations. Even if you are not planning to go immediately to graduate school, it is worthwhile to take at least one graduate school examination in your senior year.
  • Use every available opportunity to develop your interviewing skills by performing a mock interview with our staff and attending an Interviewing Techniques workshop.
  • Attend workshops on resume/cover letter writing, networking, LinkedIn, soft skills, business etiquette, interviewing, and many more.
  • Sign up for employer campus and online recruiting opportunities.
  • Join and be active in student professional associations and societies. Consider an officer position.
  • Meet with or contact our Academic & Career Coaches to learn traditional and social media networking techniques, how to find and apply for jobs posted on the Web, and how to utilize many other resources to find job leads.