Bachelor of Arts in Theology


Saint Joseph’s College’s theology students will gain knowledge and understanding of Catholic theology, including the Bible, the creeds, and the ideas and practices of Catholicism and other major religions.

As a theology major, you will investigate texts with consideration of the religious, historical, cultural, and literary contexts in which they were produced. Regardless of your personal faith, you will learn to understand and decipher subjects in history, philosophy, language, and you will reflect on the fundamental questions of human existence.

At a Glance

  • Opportunities for independent study, internships, and international service trips.
  • Broad set of courses in which both Catholics and non-Catholics can feel comfortable and engaged.
  • Students may take up to two online classes to fulfill major.
  • Fast Track to graduate program –  for those who qualify, those two online courses can be graduate courses counting toward a master’s degree in theology.
  • Ability to double major and minor opportunities.
  • Our faculty includes renowned scholars who have authored books, articles, and monographs.


The Bachelor of Arts in Theology covers a wide range of religious topics, many of which look at Catholicism and other major religions from historical, theological, and scriptural perspectives. Students majoring in theology often double major in English, history, philosophy, psychology, science, or sociology. This degree includes two semesters of foreign language study and a requirement to complete a 20-credit minor in another academic field.

minor in theology is available and requires students to take 20 credit hours.


Steven L. Bridge
Steven L. BridgeProfessor of Theology, Chair of Theology
PhD, Marquette University MA, Marquette University BA, Hope College
Sr. Marilyn Sunderman, RSM
Sr. Marilyn Sunderman, RSMProfessor of Theology
PhD, Fordham University MA, Aquinas College MA, University of Cincinnati BA, Edgecliff College
Jeff Morgan
Jeff MorganAssistant Professor
PhD. University of Notre Dame (Theology)


Katelyn Brown
Katelyn Brown
“The professors are really what makes the program so great! They each have their own unique teaching style that creates a complete picture.”
Mary Anne Wallace
Mary Anne WallaceOn the waterfront: a ministry of presence
Mary Anne Wallace ’63 manages a nonprofit marine ministry group in the Marine Trade Center on Portland’s waterfront. Her organization provides care and compassion along with clothing, magazines, phone cards and just about anything else foreign crews need when they make it to port.


Students will be educated for entry into many different occupations, such as careers in teaching, law, religious education, religious vocation or ministry, and even business. Many alumni are employed in the fields of youth ministry, secondary education, retreat and counseling services, social work, nonprofit fundraising, diocesan programming, and ordained ministry.