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The Leadership MBA

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Master of Business Administration


Whether you have an interest in pursuing a career in business or simply want to build a solid professional foundation, SJC’s MBA program delivers. The online program is perfect for emerging leaders who are motivated to attain the invaluable MBA academic credential and to hit the road running through their choice of concentrated learning.

Whether entering the workforce as a student, recent graduate of business, or with just a few graduate credits in business, the challenge to obtain employment can be daunting when the field itself is so broad. Successful professionals advance their careers as ready, willing and able learning leaders. Our distinctive curriculum prepares young and transitioning professionals to learn and grow from any experience. Through exploration of today’s business concerns students will develop skills in critical thinking, credible communication and problem solving. As a result, graduates will be well equipped to achieve their career goals right from the start.

At a Glance

  • Choose from a wide range of electives to satisfy the business elective requirement.
  • You will learn the essentials of business from our experienced faculty.
  • Tuition for the MBA online degree accommodates any budget. Saint Joseph’s College offers a quality education at a cost significantly lower than other institutions.
  • Get your degree quickly; this MBA program requires nearly 20 fewer credit hours than many other institutions’ programs. There is a fast-track option where you can complete your degree in as few as 18 months.  Transfer credits will be considered.
  • No matter when you decide to begin your path to career advancement, you’ll never have to wait. Applications are reviewed on a regular basis. Accepted students can start during any of the five, 10-week terms scheduled each year offered in January, March, May, July and October. Check out ourcourse calendar to learn more.


The program includes transfer and customize options.

  • Transfer Credits – Transfer graduate courses (up to two) from another institution along with one or two courses chosen from the available concentration courses.
  • Customize – Choose from a list of available courses (3) that align with your particular interests to customize the curriculum to meet your needs and interests.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative grade point of 2.5 or better. A 750-word essay is required for application.  Work experience is not required. The GMAT is not required. Business prerequisite coursework may be taken online at any time prior to the start of graduate courses on an as needed basis, determined from an individualized evaluation of prior learning.


Each level must be completed before progressing to the next level. There is no thesis requirement for this MBA program. Current students can find a full schedule of what is offered. Students complete their first four courses in sequence and who then elect to enroll in two courses per each of the five scheduled terms and successfully complete the coursework, may be able to complete their graduate degree in as few as 18 months.

Level 1: Thinking Ahead-Foundational in content and preparatory in strategy, with a focus on what is needed to be successful.
MB515: Leadership & Lifelong Learning
MK500: Strategic Marketing
HR500: Human Resource Management (HRM): Foundations in Leadership

Level 2: Thinking Systemically-Big picture thinking, with an emphasis on the language and tools needed to understand systems and our place within them.
MB500: Organizational Dynamics
MB540: Economy as a System
MB642: Systems Thinking

Level 3: Thinking Responsibly-A framework for thinking and acting responsibly through the discipline of exercising foresight.
MB530: Ethical, Social & Environmental Responsibility
MB641: Statistical Thinking

Level 4: Thinking Strategically-Concerning the fundamental relationship between assessment and planning.
MB510: Financial Principles & Policy
MB### (TBD): Risk-Based Thinking

Accelerated Program

  • 4 + 1 Accelerated MBA Degree– Exclusive for SJC undergraduate students Fast track into the Master of Business Administration program.
    •   Begin taking graduate courses in your junior year.
    •   Benefit from the flexibility of online course options at any time.
    •   Apply credits earned to graduate degree program immediately following final semester of undergraduate program, or at a later date.


Professionals who earn a master’s degree early in their career are well prepared to advance as opportunities present themselves. Regardless of profession or industry, an MBA can serve to open doors, increase starting salaries and pave the way for accelerated advancement. MBA graduates who have concentrated studies in an area of particular interest to them are the best equipped to find meaningful jobs without delay and as a result of studying the many facets of business and organization, are well prepared to optimize every chance to learn and grow in the years to come.