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How has what you learned in the program helped you in advancing to the next level in your career path?

By combining my on the job knowledge as I venture into my first health care management position with the knowledge that I continue to gain with each additional class, I feel confident with the situations that I face on a daily basis throughout my career with the knowledge base that I have from my degree program at SJC. 

How has a class helped in your job or career?

It has given me a broad understanding of the complex field of healthcare so that I can personalize the material as it pertains to administration in my discipline.

Why does online studies work for you?

With the flexibility of the online courses I am able to work 50-60 hours a week and pursue my degree on a full time basis with ease. The professors that I have encountered, the program director, and my advisor have all been extremely supportive and understanding and encouraging.

What are your plans for the future with this degree?

I plan to further my career in health care administration with a focus in Pathology as that is where my passion lies. I would like to someday serve as an administrative consultant who may be able to further assist other health care administrators with the obstacles that healthcare administration will continue to face in the future.