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What do you like about St. Joe's?

I like St. Joe's because ... you always see somebody you know (and would like to talk to, I should add) without having to try too hard. Plus the faculty and staff are all great, intelligent people.

What specifically do you like about your program (major)?

I am a math major with a secondary education minor with a concentration in English. I am going to be a high school math teacher who can, in a spot, teach English as well. I enjoy math because it is fairly straightforward, but it can also definitely provide a challenge.

What's great about student life here?

Because it is a relatively small school, the Student Life office can offer a lot of cool opportunities for us on campus. My particular favorites are the comedians and pub trivia. Man, I love pub trivia! I finally won a T-shirt the last time I played, and I must say, it fits quite nicely.

What have you gotten involved in?

I am a math tutor, and I love my job. It is the best job I have ever had, and I look forward to teaching someday because of it. I am also in the Feeney Players, the St. Joe's theater group. I've always liked to act and to make people laugh.

Is there a connection between acting and teaching?

Both require a certain comfort level for being up in front of people and both require you to think on your feet so that you can hopefully turn potential mistakes into successes.