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What was your major? What is your job now?

I was a finance major with a minor in math. I am working at Liberty Mutual in an IT Finance group that oversees the entire IT budget of the company. The job involves budgeting, forecasting, and reporting/tracking.

What was most helpful at Saint Joseph’s in terms of establishing a career path/finding a job?

The business professors are all successful business people who have had the first-hand experience to really know what they're talking about. They hold classes like one would a business meeting, which helped me get adjusted when I entered the real world.

Tell us about your internship and how that related to ultimately being able to get a job.

The internship was similar to what I am doing now: a lot of budgeting, month-end reviews (I presented a couple to upper-level management at the end of my internship), and a couple projects that took most of the summer to complete. My manager at the time wrote me a good review and HR offered me a position a couple weeks after I had finished.

Tell us about your favorite in-classroom moments.

I loved Hellenbeck's classes. He's brutally honest and holds nothing back, which really is like how the real world is. I can't go without mentioning Bond's classes though. I absolutely hated his class, but loved it at the same time ... But I loved Bond for his honesty and he might be one of the most secretly funny people I've ever met. Great guy and great times with the people in those classes.

How about the favorite out-of-classroom moments?

Winning the GNAC championship in basketball my freshman year. One of the best feelings was knowing that all the hard work had paid off. Other than sports, there were just too many crazy memories with my teammates and friends. Living with my suitemates and chilling was way too much fun. I miss those days more than anything and loved every minute of it.