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What do you hope to do for a career?

Be a chiropractor and own my own practice.

What do you like about your major?

I have to finish these courses for grad school. I enjoy the challenge. It's mostly science-based, which I find interesting.

Have you had any internships related to your major?

I worked with Dr. Johan Erikson for two days taking samples of snow on Mt. Washington. He compares samples year to year to see the difference ... whether there is pollution, more pollution on one side than the other. There is a company that does it at times during the year. However, they are unable to do it in the winter. Dr. Erikson fills in the gap.

Favorite experience with faculty member?

I think it would be hiking Mt. Washington with Dr. Erikson. Also, I worked with Dr. Shelley doing fieldwork for his study on Asian shore crabs.

Why did you come to St. Joe's?

It's small and I received a good financial aid package. I wanted a place where I could focus on studies.

What were a couple of your favorite courses and why?

I took the kayaking course with Dr. Erikson for ecology credits. We weren't in a classroom, which was awesome. We stayed on Peaks Island for one week and then the next week we camped on Jewel Island. On Jewel, we compared organisms and rocks in exposed areas versus unexposed. There was a place that was called the "punch bowl," which was a tide pool that we got to go in and look at all the different organisms. When we were kayaking, we came upon a few seals. One day we went with a lobsterman and checked out his traps. We went to Mark Green's (environmental science professor) oyster "farm."

What's your favorite thing about St. Joe's?

The lake is really nice and the professors are willing to help you if you need it. You can go and see them anytime. At a bigger school, they wouldn't know you from Adam. People are really friendly, and that isn't always the case at other schools.

What kind of extracurriculars are you involved in?

Pre-med Club. We went to a nursing home last year to give them company during the holidays. We work on fundraising for a variety of charities. Also, I'm taking an EMT course.