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What is your job position?

I am the marketing and events coordinator for Pierce Atwood law firm, working in the financial district in downtown Boston. I am growing their Boston markets through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as more traditional outlets like newspapers and magazines. Also, I am doing their event planning, which involves hosting events for clients and organizing social mixers and catered parties around Boston.

What helped you land the job you have?

The faculty within the business department connected me to Pierce Atwood in their Maine office, where I did an internship as part of Professor Beth Richardson’s human resource management class. The internship directly led to my job.

What do you love about Saint Joseph’s?

I love the professors and staff at St. Joe’s, because without their support and genuine care, I wouldn't be in this amazing job position.

How did the faculty help while you were a student?

The internship class that led to my current position was one I lacked the prerequisite for, but was encouraged to take by Professor Ed Hellenbeck. He showed constant support and faith in my abilities. Both professors, who helped me get this job, taught me crucial skills that I have already used and that will help me be successful in my career, wherever it may take me!