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Tell me about your nursing internships.

Clinicals are a very big part of the nursing major. It is a place where the classroom and real-world experience come together to educate a student nurse, even as we take care of a sick patient and their family. As a student nurse, I learned the most from my patients. They taught me how to have patience, a healing touch and to be present at the bedside both physically and emotionally. Having a holistic approach to bedside care is taught at St. Joe’s from the very beginning, and it is an integral part of my current nursing career.

Throughout clinical experiences, student nurses are able to practice all forms of nursing, from labor and delivery, to intensive care units, to community agencies, and to the pediatric units. Student nurses will be able to find a form of nursing that will engage, challenge and let their passion grow within the field.

Why or what do you love about St. Joe’s?

St. Joe’s will always have a special place in my heart. The active student and alumni community, the Sisters of Mercy, and the friendships that I have formed will always be cherished. I love the feeling of “coming home” that I have when I walk onto campus. I love the smell of flowers blooming in front of Xavier in the spring and I love the traditions of St. Joe’s.

Tell me about your job.

I work at Children’s Hospital Boston as a clinical analyst within the Information Systems Department and as a registered nurse within the Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit. As a clinical analyst, I work side by side with caregivers to change, modify, edit, and start projects that will help them stay at the bedside, while documenting care throughout the electronic medical record. One of my goals is for the nurse and prescriber to spend less time working on the computer and more time at the bedside with the patient and their families.

In the Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit, I take care of critically ill children and their families throughout their stay in the ICU.

What helped you land the job you have?

My experiences at St. Joe’s helped me land my current nursing position. I learned to have confidence in my nursing skills, be a strong advocate for my patient and their family, and never feel afraid to ask for help. I was very prepared to be a nurse upon graduation.

Any advice for new students?

No matter the major, please make sure you become involved at the college. There are many different ways to be an active member. One place to start is within SJC Student Activities. Join a club and make a positive difference. The memories, friendships and relationships that are formed during these times will be well worth it!