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Kelsey Cushman

Tell us how a class project or internship has prepared you through hands-on experience for a future job in business communications.

My internship was through an organization called Together We Rise, which is a non-profit that helps foster children in the United States. My internship was unique because TWR is based in California, so I didn’t have to go anywhere to do my work. I did it all right in my room. I was a social media/marketing intern for them, so basically what I did is promote their organization on my own social media, as well as create posts for their organization’s social media accounts. This helped me to learn a lot more about how to do social media marketing because I was able to be creative on my own and design my own methods of marketing and using social media to show off what I can do. I also designed a big fundraiser as part of my internship.

I was so happy to find an internship like this one because it’s exactly what I want to do for a career when I get out of school so having some experience definitely helps.

Tell us how your classes prepared you for success in your social media internship.

I have a very broad major, so I took a very wide variety of classes. I would have to say the classes that prepared me the most for my internship were my marketing classes. Since social media has become such a well-known way of expanding a brand or a product, it’s talked about a lot more in classes, and for me, it’s been talked about a lot in my marketing classes. The classes gave me some background knowledge on what to post and what social media platforms would be most effective. 

What do you like about the business communications major?

I really like business and I really like communications. I was going to major in Business and minor in Communications but then my advisor gave me the idea of doing a major in Business Communication, which was even more perfect. I like that I am able to get the perfect balance of business courses and communications courses. I like that the major is so broad so there’s a huge range of opportunities to choose from when it comes time to graduate. 

The classes I took were fun and exciting and a lot of them were group-oriented which helps because that’s how it’s going to be in the real world: working with other people.

I loved all of my professors. They were all very friendly and willing to help when it was needed, and they were humorous too which I love because it just builds a better relationship with their students.