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Tell us how a class project or internship has prepared you through hands-on experience for a future job in business.

Through various class projects and assignments, as well as the experiences through my internship, I have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in my future job. The class setting is relatively small, so I was able to get the one on one time with the professor and collaborate with other students. My internship has prepared me with hands-on experience for my future job, because I am able to practice what I have learned in the classroom setting.

Tell us how your marketing classes prepared you for success in your internship.
Going into my internship with the Marketing and Communications Office here at Saint Joseph’s College, I felt prepared for any task or assignment given to me. I had this confidence because of the marketing and business classes I had taken here. The professors want to see every student succeed and always have their door open for anyone having questions. Everything I learned in the classroom setting applied to my experience with my internship.

Tell us about your upcoming job.

I have accepted a full-time job with QuEST Global as their marketing associate. I will be doing similar task that I have been doing with my internship with the marketing and communications office. I feel very prepared going into this position, as I firmly believe the business program at Saint Joseph’s has equipped me to accomplish anything.

Extracurricular Activities

In late 2016, Lauren participated in an international service trip to Guatemala. While there, she documented her experience in video.