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What are you doing now?

I am pursuing my doctorate in educational psychology with a concentration in cognition, instruction, and learning technologies from the University of Connecticut.

Do you feel the student research you did here as a student helped prepare you for graduate school? If so, can you tell me about it?

The student research that I did at SJC helped prepare me immensely for the graduate program that I am in now. My program is extremely rigorous and research-centered (especially since it is a Research I institution), and the senior thesis and presentations that I did with Dr. Eduljee helped me formulate what my research interests would be, how to write like a researcher, and how to handle each step of the research process. Since I graduated in 2010, Dr. Eduljee and I still do research together. In fact, we were published in October 2011, and recently presented a poster at the Association for Psychological Sciences annual convention in Chicago.

What are your career plans?

My future plans career-wise are to become a professor of educational psychology and to also be a private educational consultant to help school districts implement professional development programs that train teachers how to use higher-order thinking skills pedagogy in the classroom.

Why or what do you love about St. Joe’s?

I love SJC because of its community-based atmosphere. If it was not for the one-on-one close knit learning community, I would not have accomplished as much as I have today, especially within the psychology department. I am grateful for the close relationships that I created with Dr. Eduljee and Dr. Schoenfeld − for they have become one of the first resources I go to when I need advice in my current program.