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Nicky Bassett

Nicky Bassett talks about why she chose Saint Joseph's College's Interdisciplinary Studies program.

“Today's job market is a difficult and scary place, so as a student I felt I owed it to myself to get the most out of my education. I felt majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies allowed me to do just this. It was important for me to choose what I wanted to study and IDS has allowed me to plan and create my own degree. To me this was such a unique idea because the more knowledge I have in multiple areas of study, the better chance I will have to make it in a very competitive working environment. The IDS program has given me a chance to focus not just on one field of study but multiple. I have always loved psychology and knew it was a focus that I wanted to study, but I also have taken multiple courses in history and science, which I believe has helped complement it. The minors I chose are just a few that Saint Joseph's has to offer. I have found the classes to be very interesting and the professors to be supportive and of course by taking online courses, it fits into my busy life of work and parenting. I believe by majoring in IDS I have given myself the tools needed to be successful in my job and especially to continue my education in the future.”