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Nikki talks about why the IDS program is relevant to her career choice

“As a non-traditional student already well into my career, I wanted a program that was relevant, that would enhance and enrich my skills, and help me grow. While I could have chosen a single major, I felt that I would benefit more from a multi-dimensional perspective. I am very thankful to have found SJCME, specifically the Interdisciplinary Studies program. On the IDS web page, there is a paragraph that explains why IDS is the right program for a prospective student. Two statements stand out: “your college experience should be shaped around what is meaningful to you and your future” and “[you] will gain new perspectives and multiple skill sets that are marketable to numerous employers.” At SJCME, I found my “relevance” and was able to immediately apply what I learned, which not only helped me grow, but it also helped me succeed in my job. As for the second statement, it doesn’t get any clearer than that--in order to increase value and marketability in today’s job environment, there has to be something more that makes you stand out. IDS can do that as the IDS program is founded on the principles that are important in more and more companies.”