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Best course you didn't want to take but ended up liking?

Irish History with Dr. Micheal Connolly. I wanted to take it but it was really hard trying to keep up with the course work.

Why did you come to St. Joe's?

I wanted to go somewhere rural and had baseball and marine science. I actually looked up all the criteria online and St. Joe's came up.

What's your favorite spot on campus?

The Chalet. It's a lot of fun when people are down there.

Have you had any internships related to your major?

I have a job. I help Dr. Johan Erikson with his research project on looking at minerals. We went to Penobscot River and we were looking at the minerals that were and were not getting into the ground water. I find it really interesting. There really aren't any geology courses here so it's completely different than any of my current course work. I think its much easier for me to be involved with my professors. If you get to know them, it's much easier to approach them with questions and course work.

Favorite experience with faculty member?

With Dr. Johan Erikson we spent four days in the woods. We were camping and gathering samples of river deposits for the research project. I got a whole other perspective on my professor. It really humanized him. I've been able to open up with my professors more because of it. It really created a closer bond with him. It's easier on a smaller campus to have those types of experiences.

Did you always know you wanted to be a Marine Geologist?

No, I had no idea. I took a geology course where we went on a few trips. We went to Mt. Washington and Downeast, Maine. We saw a lot of really interesting geological features. Erikson started asking people if they wanted to help out with his research. I volunteered and got really attached to it.

Field trips/out-of-classroom experiences for academics or service learning or just plain service?

Geology at Mt. Washington for one day. We went to the observatory, which we had learned a lot about it in the classroom and professor Erikson wanted us to have first-hand experience. And then we went to Downeast area of Maine for 2 days. We took some trails and we got lost. We were trying to look for some feature, and Dr. Erikson decided that one trail was a good one. About a half of mile in, it wasn't a good one. He ended up going back and getting the van. And then I was trying to find the way back but then they ended up finding me. It was a crazy experience but fun.


Going off to college - I wasn't very restricted at home. I realize that certain people stress out about being away without rules. Those types of people just need to relax and get out. Meet fun people and stay on campus. Going away doesn't help the transition at all.