History and Political Science Faculty

Michael ConnollyMichael Connolly
Professor, History and Political Science 

PhD, Boston College
MA, National University of Ireland
BA, Florida Southern College 

Mark Hibben - newMark Hibben

Assistant Professor, Political Science 

PhD, Syracuse University

MA, Syracuse University
MA, University of Birmingham, U.K.
BS, University of Maine 

Michelle LaughranMichelle Laughran

Associate Professor, History

PhD, University of Connecticut
MA, University of Connecticut
BA, College of William & Mary 

Jonathan MalmudeJonathan Malmude

Assistant Professor, History and Political Science, Chair

PhD, Tufts University
MA, Hunter College of CUNY
BA, Queens College of CUNY 

Andrea VianelloAndrea Vianello

Associate Professor, History

PhD, University of Pavia, Italy
Laurea (BA and MA combined), University of Venice, Italy