Alana Dougherty
Alana DoughertyClass of 2017
Majors: Biology and Environmental Science
Minors: Chemistry and Sustainability Studies

My very first semester at SJC wasn’t even on campus. I was one of 8 students that got to go on the school’s 1st ever off campus semester called the ESS (Environmental Science Semester). We spent 10 weeks traveling from Maine to New Hampshire and to Canada. We took a whole semester’s worth of classes in that short amount of time, or 4 classes. That semester set the ground work for me at SJC. I made close connections with my professors, since they were with us 24/7, and I also made life-long friends. I gained essential field work, lab experience, and adaptive techniques to be able to work in difficult and changing conditions.

What advice would you give students about joining a club?

Find something you have a passion for or want to try. See what clubs your friends join and what they like/don’t like about them.

How did classes prepare you for your internships?

All my internships aligned with my majors/minors and pertained to the classes I was taking. I could take skills that I learned in class and apply them in a real-world setting. As a result of the connections I made at Saint Joseph’s College, I got to work with several professors on numerous projects both on and off campus. I also got to present at the Geological Society Conference about my experience on the ESS. Some of my positions included soft shell clam research with Dr. Mark Green, snow chemistry of Mount Washington with Dr. Johan Erikson, and aiding with the development of the Research of Sebago Lake course with Dr. Emily Lesher and Dr. Erikson. I even got interviewed by channel 8 news along with Dr. Erikson about his research and my experience with the Mount Washington snow sampling project.

As Dr. Green’s research assistant, I got to work with a University of Maine student on her research and the Friends of Casco Bay. I also worked closely with Dr. Jeanne Gulnick. I was an EcoManager for the EcoReps club on campus, which she leads, and she was my professor for my sustainability internship which I carried out at the Wells National Research Reserve.

I also worked and volunteered at the Maine Wildlife Park. I used my volunteer position, working in the animal enrichment program, as my biology senior research project. I got to work with animals, microscopes looking for organisms, an ICP machine, and much more.

Why did you choose SJC?

I chose to transfer to Saint Joseph’s College my sophomore year of college. I chose to come to Saint Joseph’s College because it had much smaller class sizes, more one-on-one time with professors, they offered the majors/minors I was interested in, and before I was even a student I had people helping me. I wouldn’t trade the education I got or the experiences I had for anything.