Saint Joseph’s College welcomes all home schooled students to our campus. Please review the following information regarding admission and application process,and any further information.


Saint Joseph’s accepts freshman applications through the Common App. To apply for the fall semester, begin your Common App, or add Saint Joseph’s to your list of “My Colleges.” Saint Joseph’s accepts applications on a rolling basis, with the exception of Nursing, and our application has no fee to apply.

Supply a final transcript of your high school curriculum with grades and a short explanation of what each class is (outlined by a parent or primary educator – a sample transcript can be supplied if necessary.) Transcript from an accredited school (i.e. Royal Academy) or portfolio of work proving student has met all state regulations put forth by their home state. Meet all State regulations put forth by their home state.

Submit Two letters of recommendation. One from the primary educator, and one from individuals outside of your family who are familiar with your academics,extracurricular activities or work experience.

SAT or ACT scores

Send SAT or ACT scores (required for all home schooled students and nursing students) to the admissions office. Required for high school students and transfer students who have graduated from high school within the past five years and have fewer than 15 college credit hours.

Come to our campus for a tour and then meet with one of our friendly admission counselors. We offer interviews to high school seniors throughout fall and winter. Call the Admission Office at 800-338-7057 or email admissions@sjcme.edu to schedule a campus tour and interview.

Note: Those seeking admission into the Nursing or Biology field may be asked to supply additional samples. We reserve the right to request additional samples, if necessary.