Paying for college

Should your child go to a state college or a private college?

At Saint Joseph’s we’re competitive with state colleges because we commit more than $10.8 million of our own resources to assist students with the cost of going to college. Each student’s eligibility is different – maximize your chances by meeting our priority deadline.

Our financial aid packages can include:

  • scholarships to help students pay for their education
  • grants (you don’t need to pay these back)
  • state and federal funding programs
  • loans
  • work-study jobs, if awarded (We also have on-campus jobs, though these aren’t part of our award package.)

To be eligible, make sure your child fills out our necessary financial aid forms and FAFSA by our priority filing date of March 1 for new students or April 15 for current students.

Is your child graduating soon?

When your child graduates he/she will be required to complete an exit interview (if they’ve taken out federal loans).

Learn more about financial aid at Saint Joseph’s.

800-752-1266 or  207-893-6612
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