Covenant School of Radiography is an accredited twenty month certificate-based program that is located in Lubbock, Texas. The program includes academic and clinical education at Covenant Medical Center, which is the sponsoring hospital, in addition to multiple other affiliations that meet the need for student’s clinical rotational sites.

Recognizing the importance of continued education, Covenant School of Radiography and Saint Joseph’s College are providing a seamless coordination between the certificate, associate and bachelor degree enrollment in Radiologic Science Administration. Together they have entered into a transfer agreement. This agreement provides transfer admission opportunities for academically qualified students and radiologic technology graduates of Covenant School of Radiography, who are interested in completing their associate/bachelor’s degree online with Saint Joseph’s College.

Welcome Radiology Graduates of Covenant School of Radiography!

IMPORTANT BENEFIT: The application fee will be waived for all applicants, students, and graduates of Covenant School of Radiography.

Enrollment at SaintJoseph’s College DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION into Covenant’s RadiographyProgram. Students still need to meet Covenant’s admission requirements.Students who have completed the required pre-requisite associate degree coursework at SJC and ARE NOT accepted into Covenant’s Radiography Program mayre-apply to Covenant the following year or pursue a different associatesdegree for completion at SJC.

Degree Plans

AS Radiologic Science Administration to BS Radiologic Science Administration

Certificate to AS Radiologic Science Administration