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Why or whatdo you love about St. Joe’s? 

First thingI love about St. Joe’s is that I met my wife there. Second, college is an experience!St. Joe’s provides you with all the experiences a person would want at collegewhile providing the appropriate guidance and support through an amazing fouryears of your life.

What are youdoing now for work?

I amemployed as an attorney at Zerillo Law, a litigation firm in Portland, Maine,that handles criminal defense, personal injury, family law and divorce,business litigation, federal litigation and appeals cases. My primaryresponsibilities are criminal defense and personal injury cases.

Describe thefaculty while you were a student? Was there one professor that stood out andwhy?

The facultymembers in the criminal justice department were knowledgeable and energetic.They provided a variety of different perspectives in the field of criminaljustice. Department chair Dr. Dale Brooker was a superb professor andmentor who not only cared about his students, but also dedicated his time tobring recent cases and conflicts in our society into the classroom.

How wouldyou describe your experience as a student in the criminal justice program?

Thecriminal justice program is producing the next generation of police officers,lawyers and legal scholars. Having worked in a large prosecutor’s office inGrand Rapids, Mich., and now as a defense attorney, I see many police officersmissing the substantive background in criminal justice that Dr. Brooker and thecriminal justice faculty teach their students. They provided a comprehensiveapproach to understanding crime that you cannot get from experience in thefield alone. As a defense attorney, the same comprehensive approach has helpedme be able to better represent my clients.