day 8 lischer

Good morning, Monks, and happy Sunday!

'Tis the day of rest, and in keeping with that tradition, I'll be brief with my remarks this morning.

But first...


Now, there are lots of caveats, yes, our commuter students don't technically come back to campus on Sunday, although we'd love to see you.  And yes, our new students will be coming to campus in a staggered fashion this Thursday and Friday.   But at any rate, it's an exciting day today - a week away.

Here are some quick hits and reminders to get you thinking about your return:

  • For all resident students, both new and returning, please visit our central check-in at the Alfond Center (there will be a tent set up outside) first.  This year, we're asking students to arrive there first, pick up some welcome materials and a few goodies (including a sweet-looking Monks face mask) and then wait until you can move into your residence halls.  Pretty please, do not go straight to the residence halls without first checking in with us at the Alfond Center.
  • For new students and their families, we're asking that you keep your entourage to 2 individuals to help you move in.  I know, this means having a tough conversation, but hey - at least we're allowing 2!  It could be worse.  Thanks for working with us, I know it's tough.
  • The New Student Orientation schedule will be posted Monday morning on the College website.  If I can remember to, I'll send a campus email to you with it attached.
  • For the 100th time, if you're coming from states other than Maine, NH, VT, NY, NJ, CT - I'm looking at you, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, be prepared to fill out Maine's Certificate of Compliance, and familiarize yourself with what you'll need to do in advance of coming to Maine.  This goes for new and returning students, and any parents, family members, and friends who are coming to campus to help you move-in.  Please don't put us in the position to delay your return to campus.  We've passed the point where you can quarantine in Maine, so if you're coming from those "other" states, prepare to have those nasal passages tickled.  (get a COVID-19 test, and don't come to Maine until you have the results, and they're negative, in other words).  If you get positive results, please call the Health & Wellness Center, and we'll have more information for you.
  • The College is expecting that some of our classes will be taught in a hybrid format - meaning that some days you'll be attending your class in-person, and others will take place at the same time, but virtually.  Other classes will be entirely in-person, and still others entirely virtual.  See how nimble we can be?  Your faculty members will be communicating with you this week to let you know if you should show up to class in person, or if you're part of the virtual crowd.  Stay tuned.

Lastly, to hop out of the bullet-points for a minute, please be patient with us, and with one another, when you return.  Between the 60 RA's and OL's we'll have on move-in day, along with professional staff and volunteers, we'll have this down to a science.  But, you never know what will happen in a week.  A positive, flexible attitude goes a long way in handling any uncertainty or changes that come your way.

Have a great week, everyone, and we'll see you real soon.



Matt Goodwin is the Dean of Students at Saint Joseph’s College.

Along with a team of waiting-anxiously Campus Life professionals in the areas of Student Engagement & Residential Living, Counseling Center, Health & Wellness Center, Campus Safety, and the Mercy Center, Campus Life supports students’ holistic personal development, learning, and empowerment in service to a global community.