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A Historic Year

Good morning, Monks! A week from today, our first wave of first-year students will hit the campus - the Class of 2024.  It's exciting, and terrifying.   Exciting, because, this is what we do.  Terrifying because, for me personally, I'm just never quite as prepared as I'd like to be when move-in day hits for our new [...]

2021-10-07T09:59:28-04:00August 13th, 2020|Categories: Dean of Students|

Always Tomorrow

A very good evening, Monks, Recently, my wife informed me, that I shouldn't think too much about this blog thing because only four people are reading it. Maybe so.  But to those four - I'm sorry. It's just.....today was so awesome, but it was busy.  Not like, "email busy" although it was that, too.  But in the higher-ed [...]

2021-10-07T09:59:29-04:00August 12th, 2020|Categories: Dean of Students|


  Good morning, Monks - a very happy Tuesday to you all. I'm not too far away from my own college days that I still remember what it felt like to walk around campus with $6 to my name. I worked on campus, as an intramural referee.  I blew it mostly on stupid things.  So [...]

2021-10-07T09:59:29-04:00August 11th, 2020|Categories: Dean of Students|

Go Monks!

  Happy Sunday morning, everyone. I love Sunday.  Growing up in central Illinois, I loved Sunday morning cartoons, either before, or after, being roused by my parents for Catholic Mass at 8:30am (torturous) or 10:00am (the equivalent of a celebrity "see and be seen" event for all the cool kids in town). Afterwards, we'd either [...]

2021-10-07T09:59:29-04:00August 9th, 2020|Categories: Dean of Students|

A Long Tradition

Good morning, Monks. For today's post, I want to talk a little about this whole experience at Saint Joseph's College that you've immersed yourself in. Most of you know, either with great specificity, or vaguely, that the College has been a part of Maine lore since 1912, both in Portland, at our Sebago campus, and [...]

2021-10-07T09:59:29-04:00August 8th, 2020|Categories: Dean of Students|

Learning How to Learn

  Hi.  It's Friday.  Air high-five! Earlier this week, Portland High School hosted its graduation.  I caught a little of it live on NPR, and I wondered why I was hearing lots of car horns - it dawned on me.  Ahhhh.....it was a drive-thru ceremony.   I shouldn't have been surprised. On May 9th, we hosted virtual [...]

2021-10-07T09:59:29-04:00August 7th, 2020|Categories: Dean of Students|

New Spaces, New Faces

Good morning, Monks. I'm a bit behind this morning, due to my steadfast debris-gathering of random sticks and branches down in the yard, due, in part, to Hurricane Isaias moving through Maine last night.  I hope you all stayed safe, maintained power, water, the essentials. This week marks the unofficial first week that I've been [...]

2021-10-07T09:59:30-04:00August 5th, 2020|Categories: Dean of Students|

Living & Learning

Good morning, Monks, When I was a college freshman, I lived on a floor (6th floor, Wright Hall) where the lounge had been converted into a giant residence room.  Bunk beds lined the walls, with a big open space in the middle, adorned with the various tie-dyed tapestries popular at the time.  Memories are fuzzy, [...]

2022-05-26T08:49:49-04:00August 4th, 2020|Categories: Dean of Students|