Brooke Troup ’18: When a Playing Field is Home

brooketroupInterview by Lauren Legere '17

It’s game time and the excitement and anticipation are running through Brooke’s body. She laces up her cleats, straps on her goalie gloves, and puts on her fierce game face. She huddles with her team as they fill their circle with encouraging, motivating words: “This is our field, our house; let’s show them what we can do.” In moments like these, a playing field is not just a playing field; it becomes a home, a place where countless memories and a family are formed. The building of the new track and field facility at Saint Joseph’s College is not just the beginning of a new era in Monks athletics, but a fresh start in creating an unbreakable bond for the College community. This field will not only provide the most suitable conditions for all athletes but create an exhilarating atmosphere in which athletes and fans can enjoy the competition.

Brooke Troup ’18 of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts is a Health and Wellness major at Saint Joseph’s and a proud goalie keep for the women’s soccer team.  Brooke was originally attracted to play for the Monks soccer team here because she loved the aspect of a DIII school.  This allowed Brooke to play soccer while managing her time in school, family, and friends.  She said, “One of the best parts about playing a sport here at Saint Joseph’s is being a part of a close-knit team.  A team is like a family away from home, where you always have people who you can go to for almost anything.  When I first came to school, being a part of a team made the transition into college much easier for me because I made friends instantly.”

How does Brooke feel about the new turf field project?  Brooke said, “It will be a great change for the college. This new track and field will bring in new students, as well as attract faculty and community to come together.  It will be a place not just for the athletes, but for everyone.”  One of the exciting features of this facility will be the new field lights.  This installation will allow the athletes to have more time for practices and games, especially when daylight is short.

There is no better feeling than having the lights shine on you and a crowd cheering you on as you battle for the win.  The new track and field are going to emphasize these feelings and create an unforgettable, most memorable atmosphere for the Saint Joseph’s community. The playing field is not just a playing field, it becomes a home.

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