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CAC Lecture: “Crossing Canada by Train”

/CAC Lecture: “Crossing Canada by Train”
CAC Lecture: “Crossing Canada by Train”2018-06-19T19:51:25+00:00

Frank and Barbara Daggettwill present “Crossing Canada by Train,” a discussion guaranteed to takeattendees on the virtual trip of a lifetime! Imagine riding the rails in agrand transcontinental loop, from coast to coast and back again. Enjoyspectacular scenes of rushing streams, mountain glaciers, big cities and prairietowns, and discover what it’s like to live aboard a train, includingexperiences along the way, fascinating people encountered, and some of thehistories of two nations tied together by railroads.  

Frank Daggett ’80,’07 and BarbaraDaggett ’82 met as SJC students, have been married for 33 years, and areseasoned travelers. Frank now serves as the College’s interfaith ministrycoordinator, while Barbara is a nursing clinical instructor. 

This is the final lecture for the 2016 spring Cultural Affairs Committee(CAC) Lecture Series. For information on this lecture or the CAC, contact MikeConnolly at 893-7939.