sean bakerWhether you are an athlete on the field or a spectator, there is something you all have in common: the sheer enjoyment of the game. There is nothing more invigorating than being immersed in the cheers of fans and athletes at a sporting event. The new, lighted track and turf field at Saint Joseph’s College will be a place for members of the college community to come together and embrace the enthusiasm of the competition.

Sean Baker ’17, a nursing major from Medfield, Massachusetts, discovered a love for playing soccer at a very young age. Sean feels that being involved in athletics serves as a gateway to making lasting connections and lifelong friendships. When asked his thoughts on the new track and turf field facility, he said, “It is a big step for Saint Joseph’s because it will be a consistent playing surface for the athletes. It will also help the athletic program progress even further by bringing in some big recruits.” Sean believes the new field lights will allow teams the opportunity to play and practice in the evenings. He also believes the new field will allow Saint Joseph’s athletes the opportunity to learn to play at a quicker, more skilled pace and gain a competitive edge, as they prepare for their most challenging opponents. Sean says he is excited to see how each team progresses next season.

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