Sign unveilingOn a clear, blue September 5 morning, the family of the late Clark Noonan helped to officially open Clark’s Court at a ribbon-cutting ceremony before a celebratory gathering of students, staff, faculty, family and friends. Clark’s Court, located near the center of campus, will serve as a source of enjoyment and development for Saint Joseph’s students, said Clark’s father, Edward.

The basketball court was built in memory of former student-athlete Clark Noonan, who passed away in a 2012 car accident.

As a student, “Clark was maturing through the different opportunities he had here at school,” Edward said. “It wasn’t just the men’s basketball team maturing him; it was you, his fellow classmates, and the facilities. It was a place where he could grow and discover who he was…. That’s why we think this project will help you go in that direction as well. It’s not just a court; it’s an opportunity for you to grow.”

Already, Clark’s Court has become a gathering place for students at Saint Joseph’s College. Students utilize the court during the day and night, taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather and auxiliary lighting. It has proven to be a great addition to the Saint Joseph’s community, and will continue to be that and much more for years to come.