Today we write you with good news.

The prevalence of COVID-19 has fallen sharply across Maine and within our community. We are looking at a much different public health landscape than we were even a week ago. Along with steadily dropping case counts and hospitalizations, SJC has reached a 93% booster rate - a remarkably strong community defense against the worst effects of this virus.

As a result, we are happy to report that masks will now be optional in most public indoor spaces on campus, effective immediately. This includes all residence halls, Pearson’s, Baggot Street, the library, academic buildings (except classrooms), and Alfond Center.

All classrooms will remain mask-on spaces for now. We are reviewing this policy this week, and will have a decision next week to report to the community.

Employees that have been working remotely (either fully or partially) may begin moving back into campus offices. Please complete this transition in coordination with your manager(s). Any employee that has been fully remote since the policy went into effect last month must receive a negative entry test at the Health and Wellness Center before coming back to work on campus.

We are removing the restriction on the number of guests allowed at indoor athletic events. Because the crowds will be a mix of community members and visitors, all spectators must continue to wear a medical-grade mask for now. All visitors to indoor contests must continue to show proof of full vaccination (including a booster).

We will continue to limit outside guests to Pearson’s and the library. All guests to campus must continue to be fully vaccinated (including a booster).

One critically important note: despite this relaxation of our mandates, SJC will remain a mask-positive campus. If you feel more comfortable in a mask, please wear one. If you feel sick, put on a mask and go immediately to the Health and Wellness Center. If someone else asks you to put on a mask in their residence or classroom, please respect their personal circumstances by complying.

Finally, we should also recognize that the COVID landscape may once again change quickly. We are thankful for this respite from certain restrictions, but we must remain vigilant and flexible for any new variants that may arise.

Thank you all for your continued support of our work to keep this community healthy and safe.
The SJC Pandemic Response Team