Happy May, Saint Joseph's College of Maine!

Trees are budding. Flowers are opening. Monks are winning. Yes, it's May in Maine - and it's wonderful.

Everyone at SJC is ready to celebrate our smart, resilient, wonderful class of 2022. A successful commencement means that our students must be healthy for their big day, and our staff must be healthy to ensure continuity of operations on campus. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are rising again as new, highly contagious variants make their way into our area. Ten days from graduation, important public health metrics are once again starting to move in the wrong direction.

Today, the PRT is encouraging everyone in our community to consider masking up in public indoor spaces. This is not a mandate, but our recommendation and your personal choice. We are not in the same transmission environment as we were a few months ago, but we want to make everyone aware that the risk level is higher than it was a few weeks ago.

We hope you'll join us in being mask-positive, at least for another 10 days. Because if we keep COVID at bay, we'll make this a May to remember.