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In loving memory of Dr. Beth Auger, an SJC faculty member for over 20 years, who passed away in 2017.

This Day of Service is a meaningful and valuable opportunity for our College to extend our Mission and express our Core Values by making a difference in the lives of others and across our community!

Join your colleagues in this volunteering event. All managers, staff, faculty and students (who will be on campus) are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

The Dr. Beth Auger Day of Service is considered a regular work day. Non-exempt (hourly) employees are able to participate and be compensated for their time. Please also encourage students you know who will be living/working on campus to participate.


  • Opening Reflection and Kick-Off Gathering for all Participants: 8am in Baggot Street (coffee and light breakfast items will be available)

  • Morning Service Session Departs from Baggot Street at 8:30am; depart sites at 11:30 to return to campus

  • Complementary Lunch for Participants (sign-up required): Noon – 1pm in Baggot Street

  • Afternoon Service Sessions Departs from Baggot Street at 1pm; depart sites at 4pm to return to campus

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“I participated in the SJC Day of Service the past two years and I am so glad I took advantage of these opportunities.  Both times, I learned more about local organizations (Barbara Bush Hospital and Catholic Charities) that provide resources and serve our community in important ways.  One of my favorite aspects of the Day of Service was the opportunity to better get to know more people from other departments. It is really a community building event in many ways.  I think our local and college communities are both important elements to working at SJC and the Day of Service allows us all to take part in further strengthening these assets.” – Aimee Hein