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Join us for this talk from ReVision Energy’s co-founder Phil Coupe.

Despite anti-renewable energy policies, Maine-based solar installer ReVision Energy has grown from two guys in a garage to 260 employees in five locations. Throughout New England and the rest
of the U.S., clean energy companies are hiring workers and building the renewable energy infrastructure that will eventually enable the complete societal transition away from fossil fuels.

ReVision Energy co-founder Phil Coupe will talk about the colossal impact of 7 billion people burning fossil fuels in earth’s closed atmosphere, the challenge of climate deniers, and the tremendous
opportunity to create the better future we know is possible for ourselves and future generations by making the 100% renewable energy transition.

In addition to being ranked the #1 solar installer in New England and #5 in the U.S., ReVision Energy is an employee-owned company and certified B Corp.

Brought to you by the Center for Sustainable Communities and the Office of Career Development as part of Campus Sustainability Month.

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