No, you have already paid for the majority of our services! These are included in your Health & Counseling Service Fee, applied via your tuition and billed to your student account. You can be seen by the nurse practitioner and registered nurse as many times as needed during the semester.

Sometimes, however, depending on the procedure or treatment plan, your health insurance may be billed. Students are responsible for balances that are not covered by health insurance.

Your health insurance will only be charged for the following services:

  • Any service provided off-campus (ER visits, Specialist evaluations, X-Rays)
  • Prescriptions obtained at the local pharmacy (however, we can write them for you)
  • Lab work that is sent off-site for testing (blood testing, STD testing, Pap Smears, Throat Cultures)
  • Vaccinations
  • Cryosurgery (wart/lesion removal)