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How do I register for swim classes?

We are proud that our classes are very popular. Please know: once registrations open, classes do fill up VERY QUICKLY. We do not take verbal registrations or hold spaces. All interested must register on-line atwww.sjcaquatics.com, which can be typed directly into your browser, or click on the “REGISTER HERE” gold button on the Saint Joseph’s [...]

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What is the cost of swim lessons?

The cost of swim lessons is determined by the number of classes in a session and the swim class/level. Usually there are 5 classes in a session. Parent/Child, Preschool Level 2 and Preschool Level 3 are all 30 minute classes. The higher levels 1 through 5 are 45 minutes long. Private lessons are 30 minutes. [...]

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Is my child in the right level?

On the first day of every swim session, we evaluate each swimmer to ensure proper class placement. If you feel your child is not preforming to their ability or your child’s level is inaccurate, please consult the Head Instructor or contact Lisa Pardi, Aquatics Manager @ mpardi@sjcme.edu You may view the different level descriptions here: [...]

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What is the class instructor to swimmer ratio?

The American Red Cross recommends 1 instructor to 12 Parent/Child participants, 1 instructor for every 6 swimmers for Preschool Levels 2 & 3 and Levels 1 & 2. For Levels 3 through 5 the ratio is one instructor for every 8 swimmers. You will find we often have more instructors to swimmers than is recommended [...]

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What swimming accessories should I bring?

Swim Cap: If your swimmer is prone to chills, a swim cap may help. For swimmers with long hair, we ask that it be tied back away from the face with elastics, so it doesn’t interfere with learning to breathe. *no metal clips please, these can fall out and will cause rust stains on the [...]

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How do I know if class has been cancelled?

In the case of in climate weather, please call our Aquatics Hotline (207-893-7551), keeping in mind the pool has to close if we see lightning or hear thunder. Once that occurs, we cannot re-open until 30 minutes after the last sight or sound. The hotline also has the updated pool schedule.

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