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Where Community Grows.
Where Community Grows.

Swimming attire

Most bathing suits and trunks are acceptable. We ask that you make sure that your child’s swimwear fits snuggly so it will not hinder any movement. Children should not attend swim lessons with any type of built-in flotation.

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Bathroom Use

We encourage all participants to arrive early enough to use the restroom before class begins. For all participants who are not potty trained, we required the use of a “reusable swim diaper” (imseVimse is one of many good brands available)

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Do you have a refund policy?

Refunds: May be requested until 48 hours before the beginning of the session and will be subject to a $15 administrative fee. Any withdrawal after that will receive a 50% refund. Contact Lisa Pardi, Aquatics Manager at mpardi@sjcme.edu regarding any refund.

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