day 18 health center


Good morning, everyone.

I was on campus yesterday attending training for all instructors (faculty and staff) and Peer Mentors (student leaders) who will be teaching FYE classes in the fall.  It was so good to be with our students again.  Yes, we were indoors, and yes, we all had facemasks on (some of us had face shields, fancy!).  Regardless, it was great to see some familiar eyes and ears.

Yesterday I wrote about the relocation of our campus Health & Wellness Center.  I can't help it - it's exciting.  Well, I'm back with some quick additional notes on how things will be different (and better) when you return.

  • The entire first floor of O'Connor Hall, formerly residences for students, (and a professional staff member) has been renovated as our Health Center.
  • There will be a dedicated door from the outside of O'Connor directly into the Health Center, so you won't need to enter the O'Connor residence part of the building.
  • The new center will boast three new exam rooms, a triage room, two quiet rooms, staff offices, a conference room, and a dedicated lab.
  • This year, we'll be able to process tests and obtain results on-site for labs that we had previously sent to our off-campus partners for analysis.  Some of the most common tests, such as strep, STD/STI, respiratory viruses, and influenza will now be housed,  And yes, this will include testing for COVID-19, significantly reducing any quarantine or isolation times while students await their test results.  (Yes, I went there.....but actually, we're one of only two colleges in the State of Maine who will have this capability, so it is something to crow about!).
  • A bit of a process change this year - we've always been able to encourage walk-in visits for our students.  However, we'll be using a scheduling program, Calendly, to make your appointment.  Super easy to use.
  • We'll also have the ability to schedule a Telehealth appointment for students - allowing you to stay in the comfort of your residence hall room, or off-campus residence, and conduct your appointment virtually with one of our Health Center staff.

As I wrap up today's post on the Health & Wellness Center - although so much of this is new...a new space, new appointment processes, and new toys, something that hasn't changed is the expert, steady leadership of our office.

If you've followed Sheri Piers this summer, you'll know that besides being a great medical professional, working at Saint Joe's for 12 years, she's an excellent cook, accomplished athlete, and proud graduate of the Saint Joseph's College Nursing program.  Oh, she's also in our Hall of Fame.  Here, and here, too.

Joining her are Susan McNeil (at the College for 12 years), Doreen Webber (17 years), and our associate director, Jenna Chase (also an alumna of the College, 2011).

It's a fantastic staff, and they help me sleep better at night knowing you're in great hands.

Off to our days, then.  I hope they're good and productive ones.  I'll be back tomorrow.



Matt Goodwin is the Dean of Students at Saint Joseph’s College.

Along with a team of ride-or-die Campus Life professionals in the areas of Student Engagement & Residential Living, Counseling Center, Health & Wellness Center, Campus Safety, and the Mercy Center, Campus Life supports students’ holistic personal development, learning, and empowerment in service to a global community.