We write to update you on the latest COVID-19 outbreak that has been identified on campus. Currently, we have six (6) confirmed cases. 22 additional contacts are now in quarantine. The Health and Wellness Center is using half of our available isolation/quarantine space on campus. Unlike last semester’s asymptomatic cases, we now have students who are feeling sick.

This situation, combined with the continuing prevalence of the virus in communities surrounding SJC, has spurred us to take more urgent action to contain the spread of COVID on campus. The following regulations will go into effect immediately - some on a short-term basis, and others for the foreseeable future. Please review the full policy changes here.

  • Inter-Residence Hall Travel will be limited to the hours of 8am-8pm.
  • Room/Suite/Pod Capacities have been adjusted down to allow for greater social distancing. Suites and pods may now hold a maximum of 10 individuals at a time. Individual residence hall rooms may now hold a maximum of 3 individuals at a time.
  • $150 Fines for Hosting Gatherings will be assessed to each of the residents of the room/Pod/Suite hosting any gathering found in violation of the COVID gathering restrictions.
  • Commuters will be prohibited entering residence halls between the hours of 8pm-8am.

All other previously released Covid-19 guidelines are still currently in place.  They can be found anytime at https://www.sjcme.edu/prepared/living/. As stated previously, these policies are guided by the updates and information on the SJC Campus Health Dashboard and will be adjusted accordingly our Covid-19 levels change on campus, unless otherwise noted.

A recent student poll showed that 96% of SJC self-identified that they are following campus Covid-19 protocols. This is a phenomenal number, and we greatly appreciate all those students doing their part to keep our community healthy and safe. Unfortunately, the virus is ready to take advantage of the smallest gaps in our vigilance - and so we must close those gaps where they exist to be able to manage the situation.

While this is an urgent matter at this time, it is not yet an emergency. So please keep doing what works, especially this Super Bowl Weekend:

Wear a mask. Watch your distance. Wait to gather in groups. Wash your hands.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time.  If you have any questions, please ask them at coronaquestions@sjcme.edu. Our Covid-Related Tip Form is always available to use if you would like to share information with the college.

Thank you, and please be safe.

The Pandemic Response Team