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FAQ for Swim Lessons2022-10-04T11:44:32-04:00
How do I register for swim classes?2019-03-12T15:12:38-04:00

We are proud that our classes are very popular. Please know: once registrations open, classes do fill up VERY QUICKLY. We do not take verbal registrations or hold spaces. All interested must register on-line atwww.sjcaquatics.com, which can be typed directly into your browser, or click on the “REGISTER HERE” gold button on the Saint Joseph’s College Aquatics website, https://www.sjcme.edu/life-and-community/aquatics/swim-lessons/

For those who attempted to register but the class was full – we do have a Waiting List and at the registration site you will have the option to put your name on that list. If you would like to be on the email list and receive updates when registration is due to open, please send a request to Lisa Pardi, Aquatics Manager mpardi@sjcme.edu

What is the cost of swim lessons?2019-03-12T15:12:12-04:00

The cost of swim lessons is determined by the number of classes in a session and the swim class/level. Usually there are 5 classes in a session. Parent/Child, Preschool Level 2 and Preschool Level 3 are all 30 minute classes. The higher levels 1 through 5 are 45 minutes long. Private lessons are 30 minutes. Please visit our website for current pricing https://www.sjcme.edu/life-and-community/aquatics/swim-lessons/

How do I choose which level to register my child for?2019-03-12T15:11:57-04:00

A good guide is any swimmer under 4 must register for the parent /Child classes. Swimmers that are 4-5 years old should register for the Preschool 2 & Preschool 3 levels, these classes are 30 minutes each. Swimmers who are 5 to 6 years old should enter Level 1, 6 and up are in Level 2. The higher levels rely on the swimmer’s ability to place them. If your swimmer can swim the length of the pool on their front and on their back this is the beginning for Level 3. Add their ability to do the elementary back stroke with good endurance then Level 4 is your best placement. We test on the swimmers on the first day of each session for proper placement. If a class change is required it will happen during the class. You will be notified during the class that there is a change and why.

You may view the different level descriptions here: http://www.sjcaquatics.com/swim-lessons-descriptions.cfm

Is my child in the right level?2019-03-12T15:07:34-04:00

On the first day of every swim session, we evaluate each swimmer to ensure proper class placement. If you feel your child is not preforming to their ability or your child’s level is inaccurate, please consult the Head Instructor or contact Lisa Pardi, Aquatics Manager @ mpardi@sjcme.edu

You may view the different level descriptions here: http://www.sjcaquatics.com/swim-lessons-descriptions.cfm

How early should I arrive for swim class?2019-03-12T15:03:51-04:00

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your child's class start time to ensure you have enough time to park and get your child dressed and ready for their lesson.

How do I know my child's ready to move to the next level?2019-03-12T15:00:42-04:00

Your child's swim teacher will be communicating with you throughout the 5 week session about how your child is progressing. Please feel free to ask them any questions you have about your child's progress. Your child will receive a report card on the last day of swim lessons that will let you know how well they did and which level to register in the next session.

What is the class instructor to swimmer ratio?2019-03-12T14:53:22-04:00

The American Red Cross recommends 1 instructor to 12 Parent/Child participants, 1 instructor for every 6 swimmers for Preschool Levels 2 & 3 and Levels 1 & 2. For Levels 3 through 5 the ratio is one instructor for every 8 swimmers. You will find we often have more instructors to swimmers than is recommended by the Red Cross.

Can I make up a missed class?2019-03-12T14:53:34-04:00

If you miss class for any reason we do NOT have make-up classes. Our only exception is for weather-related issues that closes the pool.

How do I know if class has been cancelled?2019-03-12T14:50:20-04:00

In the case of in climate weather, please call our Aquatics Hotline (207-893-7551), keeping in mind the pool has to close if we see lightning or hear thunder. Once that occurs, we cannot re-open until 30 minutes after the last sight or sound.

The hotline also has the updated pool schedule.

What swimming accessories should I bring?2019-03-12T14:50:44-04:00

Swim Cap: If your swimmer is prone to chills, a swim cap may help. For swimmers with long hair, we ask that it be tied back away from the face with elastics, so it doesn’t interfere with learning to breathe. *no metal clips please, these can fall out and will cause rust stains on the bottom of the pool.

Mask vs Goggles: No masks are allowed during swim classes. They hinder their ability to learn proper breathing technique. Goggles are good for Levels 1 through 5 where the swimmers are trying to work on lap swimming.

Swimming attire2019-03-12T14:47:56-04:00

Most bathing suits and trunks are acceptable. We ask that you make sure that your child’s swimwear fits snuggly so it will not hinder any movement. Children should not attend swim lessons with any type of built-in flotation.

Bathroom Use2019-03-12T14:47:31-04:00

We encourage all participants to arrive early enough to use the restroom before class begins. For all participants who are not potty trained, we required the use of a “reusable swim diaper” (imseVimse is one of many good brands available)

Why does my swimmer need to shower before getting into the pool?2019-03-12T14:47:22-04:00

The State of Maine requires all swimmers to take a good water soaking shower prior to entering the pool. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have stated, when swimmers shower away impurities they help reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses.

Do you have a refund policy?2019-03-12T14:42:45-04:00

Refunds: May be requested until 48 hours before the beginning of the session and will be subject to a $15 administrative fee. Any withdrawal after that will receive a 50% refund. Contact Lisa Pardi, Aquatics Manager at mpardi@sjcme.edu regarding any refund.