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Mail/Print Services is located in the front of the Service Building and operates both the U.S. Mail and print services. We strive to provide a positive, pleasant and friendly environment for all students, faculty and staff.

Services Provided

  • We offer the same services as the U.S. Postal Service. Mail is picked up at mailboxes across campus, and items can also be mailed out at Mail/Print Services service counter.
  • Each student is assigned a mailbox.
  • Supplies – we carry stamps, envelopes, and packing materials.
  • We offer a variety of shipping and receiving options, including FedEx®, UPS® and USPS®. Prices are determined by the carrier used.
  • We offer Fax, copy/print and lamination services.

Obtaining a Mailbox Key

Mail/Print Services assigns each student a mailbox number, which students retain for the duration of continuous enrollment at the College. It is extremely important that all incoming mail has your mailbox number on it, along with your complete name, including middle initial. It will help prevent delays as mail is sorted by mailbox number and name. Mail and packages should be addressed as follows:

Recipient’s first name, middle initial, last name
MB (Mailbox) Number Saint Joseph’s College
278 Whites Bridge Rd
Standish, ME 04084-5236

All incoming first-year and transfer students are issued a mailbox key during orientation. Commuter students are not issued a mailbox, though they can request one at the service desk.

Delivery of Personal Packages

Packages shipped to students are received at Mail/Print Services. Students will receive an email from Mail/Print Services when a package is ready to be picked up.


Fax: 207-893-7731

Hours of operation

Service Counter:



We accept Cash, Checks, Visa/Mastercard® ($5.00 minimum)