EMTs & Training

The College Emergency Medical Service was started in 1996 by a group of students interested in providing students and staff with emergency medical treatment during the hours when the Health Services Office was not open. Today Saint Joseph's EMS still functions primarily as a student run club, overseen by the Public Safety Department.

In addition to responding to emergency calls on campus, EMT's may also be requested to stand by at special events, such as Kid's Night Out and sporting events, where it is more likely that they will be needed. EMT's are paid a small stipend for each call they respond to, but primarily function as volunteers.

EMT-certified students are scheduled for on-call hours as their individual schedules allow and/or for specific events or functions when requested in advance and generally augment the EMS capabilities of the Public Safety EMTs. On those rare occasions when there are no EMS-certified Public Safety Officers or student EMTs scheduled, the Public Safety Department will contact Standish Fire/Rescue for assistance. For medical assistance on campus at any time, call Ext. 7911 or Ext. 6687.

If you are an EMT, or are interested in becoming an EMT and joining Saint Joseph's EMS, call Ext. 6687 and speak with Ian MacEachen, Director of Public Safety / EMT-B.

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