Aaaaaaand, we’re back!

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. We can’t say it enough, because we’ve been waiting to say that one simple word since the middle of March.

Today’s video features your friends in Residential Living, led by the legendary Matt Gawel, discussing some of the most important changes you’ll notice as you arrive on campus. Some of these changes are things you’ve already heard from our other video stars this summer, but these are also things we can’t say enough.

Matt puts it best, when he says, “there are changes you can expect from us, and there are changes we are going to expect from you.” Living at Saint Joe’s is a shared experience, with shared joys, shared challenges, and shared responsibilities. All of that sharing will be in full effect this semester. We must all share in the work of keeping each other safe, because the one thing we cannot, should not, and must not share is COVID-19.

Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Repeat. Along with Welcome, those are the other Ws we’ll live by in the coming months. Our ability to continue all the great parts about residential living is built on our ability to keep this mantra in mind every day. And every night. Let’s all live by our values, and we’ll make this the year that we defied the odds, and exemplified the best of our community.

Welcome, SJC! (Just wanted to say it again.)

We’re so glad you’re here.