Masks for a Healthy Saint Joe’s.

This week, Health Center Director Sheri Piers joins us to talk about our new face covering protocol, announced via email last week. (You can read it here.) Yup, that’s really her underneath that mask. Sheri not only embodies our values of excellence and compassion, she also has a hilarious pandemic cooking series on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it, you’re really missing out.

As Sheri notes, a mask isn't just an effective tool to limit contagion; right now it's also a powerful symbol of our commitment to community. Wearing our masks during this pandemic is a signal that we care about the people around us. One mask can protect your group of friends, and their friends, and his grandmother, and her professor, and on and on. If we wear masks when social distancing isn't possible, we're taking care of the people we love, and people we've never met.

So grab your most stylish, CDC-approved facewear and bring it to class, dining areas, common areas, and any other place where social distancing will be a challenge. Oh, and keep your eye out for some SJC-themed masks dropping later this summer.

If you have questions about this policy, please ask. We’re so excited to keep moving toward another great semester at SJC, and dedicated to keeping all of us as safe and healthy as possible.

Over the next few weeks, the Looking Forward to Coming Back series will cover decisions and ongoing planning related to flexible learning, athletics, facilities safety, and more. Thanks for tuning in, and keep your eye on your Inbox on Tuesday afternoons.