Hart familyendows scholarship in Dr. Loring Hart’s memory

Thanks tothe generosity of the family of a former Saint Joseph’s College president,students now have one more opportunity to receive the benefit of a SaintJoseph’s College education. The Loring E. Hart Endowed Scholarship, establishedby Mrs. Marilyn Hart and children, Matthew and Ellen, will provide an annualaward to a Maine student.

The eleventhpresident of Saint Joseph’s College, Dr. Hart passed away in 2012. He was anative of Bath, Maine, and a Bowdoin College graduate. He served as presidentof the College from 1987 to 1995. Dr. Hart was known for his thoughtfuldemeanor, which also translated well into his relationships, both on campus andwith the Sisters of Mercy and their mission. Honored with an honorary degree in2004, Dr. Hart was praised for reflecting the genuine concept of Mercy.

Through thegenerosity of Dr. Hart’s wife, Marilyn, and his family, his commitment toeducation at Saint Joseph’s College can live on through the support of Mainestudents in perpetuity. In establishing the scholarship, Mrs. Hart noted thather husband believed that the years he spent at Saint Joseph’s were some of thebest of his life, and that the Hart Scholarship is, in part, a tribute to theSisters of Mercy, whom he greatly admired.

To learn more about endowed scholarships atSaint Joseph’s College and how you can contribute to the Loring E. Hart EndowedScholarship, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 207-893-7890.