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Where Community Grows.
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Commencement is May 8th at 10AM
Commencement is May 8th at 10AM
Where Community Grows.
Where Community Grows.

Kathryn Bois ’13 Teaching for a Change

Elementary education alumna and Class of 2013 Valedictorian Kathryn Bois is continuing her values-centered education at Boston College’s Urban Catholic Teachers Corps, where she’s teaching seventh- and eighth-grade language arts at St. Mary of the Hills in Milton, Mass. Why is middle school a good place for you as a teacher? It’s certainly a challenging [...]

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CASE scholars commit to community & sustainability

This fall, the College hosts its first ever Community and Sustainability Engaged Scholarship (CASE) recipients, who will pursue service and leadership skills through a curriculum that emphasizes academics and community engagement. These first-year students will participate in workshops, seminars and off-campus community projects – all directed toward topics in sustainability and community building. “We are [...]

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News from our Staff and Faculty

Publications & Presentations Dr. Michael Connolly (History) — “‘Changed Utterly’: Easter 1916 and the Shaping of the Modern Irish Labour Movement,” presented at the Ninth Conference of the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway (June 2013); “Portland’s history-making mayor is the proud grandson of a Galway emigrant,” The Connacht [...]

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Saint Joseph’s helps kick the habit

In an effort to improve the health of the entire Saint Joseph’s community, the College went tobacco-free on August 19. The campus-wide policy is in effect for students, staff, faculty, visitors and affiliates. This will protect smokers and non-smokers alike, and especially those who have respiratory health concerns. And to help lead the charge for [...]

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Welcome new vice president and chief learning officer, Dr. Michael J. Pardales

Saint Joseph’s College has appointed Dr. Michael Pardales, of Buffalo, N.Y., as its new vice president and chief learning officer. Dr. Pardales joined the College on July 15 from Canisius College in Buffalo, where he was the dean of education and human services. A graduate of Michigan State University, where he earned his bachelor’s and [...]

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Keeping up with the Monks: 2012-2013 Season Highlights

253 honors The Monks earned 253 individual honors, including 79 academic accolades, 42 All-Conference awards and 63 weekly honors. 28-3 record Pitcher Chad Rafferty ’13 broke the baseball victories record (one that stood for 27 years) and finished his career with an astounding 28-3 record. 1,229 digs Volleyball star Sarah Hawkes ’13 holds the record [...]

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The New Social Mixers

Forget the water coolers and happy hours. Social media is the proving grounds for professional and personal connections on a global scale. Nearly 15 percent of the world population is on Facebook. That’s a staggering 1.11 billion users. Twitter has about 500 million users; Instagram hovers around 130 million. The list of social media platforms [...]

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Counting on the Council

The Second Vatican Council has been called “the most significant religious event since the 16th-century Reformation and certainly the most important of the 20th century.” Why? Because it allowed the Catholic Church to rediscover its deeper identity. Yes, the Church is a hierarchical institution, but it’s also a sacrament, a mystery, a servant of the [...]

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Ready, Set, Hire

The Great Recession that led to a worldwide economic and housing downturn from 2007 to 2009 saw Americans struggling to find work. At one point in 2008, monthly job growth fell as low as -8 percent. But things are changing. Now that those numbers are back in the black, it’s time to feel hopeful about [...]

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On Call

It’s 8 a.m., and more than a thousand volunteers are preparing for the 117th Boston Marathon. Nicole Ashton Rice sits with a group of other volunteers for a training video that outlines what they can expect to happen that day. It’s her eighth year working as a volunteer nurse at the marathon. “The video demonstrates [...]

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