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Where Community Grows.
Where Community Grows.

Gone, but never forgotten: memorial scholarships keep giving

When a classmate or a loved one dies unexpectedly, it can shock and devastate friends and family. The ongoing grief can be daunting. When Leslie Edmunston Buck ’67 of Stonington, Conn., died in 2002 at age 56, several of her classmates decided to create a Saint Joseph’s scholarship to honor her. Over the years, they contributed [...]

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Three Saint Josephs’s generations

Macy Pagurko ’14 arrived on campus in 2010 with the usual trappings of a college freshman. But she also came with something that couldn’t be stuffed in a suitcase —the legacy of being the third generation in her family to study at Saint Joseph’s College. Her grandmother, Nancy Giroux Pagurko ’56, and her aunt, Susan [...]

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Migdalia Santiago-White ’01

In third grade, Migdalia (Mickie) Santiago-White ’01 told her teacher that she wanted to be an obstetrician when she grew up. Going to medical school wasn’t feasible in a family with six children, but that didn’t stop the Cleveland, Ohio, native from setting other lofty goals and meeting them. While working full and part time [...]

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Living in Xavier Hall as a senior: A reflection

One of the perks of becoming a senior on campus in the 1960s was living in Xavier Hall. Just imagine residing in a Tudor mansion, having a view of Sebago Lake and, on a clear day, the White Mountains. The scenery could be breathtaking! Living in Xavier was a privilege – something you coveted starting [...]

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College brand moves closer

For the past year, Saint Joseph’s has conducted research on how people perceive the college in order to establish a brand – one that informs how we communicate about the college and how we represent the college on all levels. “A brand is much more than a logo or a visual system,” says faculty member [...]

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Some good reads from some good minds

When political science professor Stephen Aylward passed away last fall, he left a legacy of kindness, intelligence and humor. He also left behind an annotated list of some of his favorite reads. Here are a few of them, followed by books recommended by other members of the campus community. ✦ The Cold War: A New History by [...]

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New Chaplain joins Mercy Center staff

Saint Joseph’s College has appointed Rev. John McHugh, O.F.M., Cap., as campus chaplain. An ordained Catholic priest and Capuchin Franciscan Friar, he has a long history of serving on college campuses. Father McHugh spent 17 years at Dartmouth College, first as an associate chaplain and then as director of the Catholic Student Center. After leaving [...]

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Meet Interim President Kenneth Lemanski

Interim President Kenneth Lemanski brings with him an 18-year career as a higher education administrator, along with extensive experience in government and the private sector. A member of the Saint Joseph’s College Board of Trustees for three years, he was until recently the vice president for advancement and university relations at Westfield State University in [...]

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Then and now, a look at our first 100 years

When Saint Joseph’s College was founded in 1912, streetcars ran along Stevens Avenue near the Sisters of Mercy convent in Portland where the college opened its doors. Horse-drawn carriages also served as common transport because mass production of automobiles had yet to take off. As a country, the United States practiced isolationism, World War I [...]

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The academy of travel: what you learn can surprise

While there may be no place like home, foreign lands entice many Saint Joseph’s faculty, students, and alumni to pack their bags looking for adventures abroad. Whether traveling for research or for fun, foreign countries offer unparalleled opportunities for learning – often in unexpected ways. When planning a summer vacation, most people wish for scenic [...]

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