Fall Athletic Season

The Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) will postpone conference athletic competitions for Fall sports for the upcoming semester. The GNAC President’s Council has not yet made a determination on the status of winter sports. All options will be thoroughly evaluated to make a decision as quickly as possible, informed by federal and state health and safety guidelines.

Safety. Student athletes are leaders on campus. We will need you to be the example for everyone in following safety guidelines across the College, and in following the recommendations we set up for each of our teams. Our primary goal is a safe and meaningful return to athletic participation on our campus.

Challenging Learning Environment. We’re still exploring the possibility of limited outside competition, but the focus of our coaching staff will be to provide a challenging learning environment for our student athletes. Whatever happens this year, you can be sure that your skills will be developed, and that you will have enhanced opportunities to grow as a leader.

Sport-Specific Guidelines

Our Athletics-wide recommendations will be modified as necessary for individual sports, as well as for health and safety in the training room. Coaches will work with the Director of Athletics to incorporate sport-specific guidelines where necessary.

Alfond Center

The Alfond Center will be open:

Monday, January 25: 6am-10am & 4pm-10pm
Tuesday, January 26: 4pm-10pm
Wednesday, January 27: 6am-10am & 8pm-10pm
Thursday, January 28: 6am-10am & 4pm-10pm
Friday, January 29: 12pm-10pm
Saturday, January 30: 11am-10pm
Sunday, January 31: 11am-10pm

Sign up at

You may use the Fitness Room, Dance Room, Gym, and Indoor Track. We will only be allowing SJC members who have a valid SJC ID.

Please remember to bring a second pair of clean shoes and check in at the front desk. Masks are required at all times.