Residential Student Travel Policy FAQ

This FAQ was compiled in response to questions received. Should you have a question that is not answered below, please email so we may provide you with an answer and add it to this FAQ to share with the greater community. Thank you for your continued support and efforts as we navigate this strange time!

How will the college know if someone leaves overnight?

We know that most students take seriously and are committed to protecting the health and wellness of our community. We expect individuals to uphold the honor system in terms of compliance. In the event that students are found to not be following COVID safety protocols, they will be subject to the College’s conduct process.

Are there exemptions to the travel policy?

In order to protect our community and maintain our safe “bubble” there will not be broad exceptions to this policy; however, students may apply for a waiver for work or health reasons. Waivers will be considered on a case by case basis. Click here to fill out the waiver.

What is the status of the Comfort Zone?

There will not be a standing Comfort Zone, but the Comfort Zone may appear from time to time based on campus activities and need. We expect individuals to uphold the honor system in terms of compliance.

Does this new travel policy affect students who return home to work and return on a weekend?

Unless granted an exemption via a waiver, a student who leaves campus overnight is expected to comply with the Re-Entry Protocols. Specifically, a student will need to 1) produce an off-campus negative test result; 2) receive a test upon arrival to campus; 3) participate in a 4-day post-test at the Health Center.

The Health Center is not staffed on weekends, students will need to plan their return accordingly.

What would happen if a student must leave campus again before their 4 day post-test at the Health Center?

If a student leaves campus overnight their re-entry protocol would reset.

Commuters are asking how this affects them. What does it mean for students who return home every single day?

The College is aware that commuters must return home every evening. Commuter students are still allowed to come and go from campus granted they are participating in our normal testing regime. At this time, commuters are not permitted into residence halls.

Are there any different rules for students who are vaccinated?

Students who are two weeks post-vaccine completion (i.e., received both vaccine doses) are no longer required to quarantine should they be identified as a contact. Those students should communicate this vaccination status to the Health Center by emailing Otherwise, vaccinated students are expected to continue to follow all other COVID-related policies. Students who have completed the vaccine protocol should submit documentation to the Health Center so it might be included in the student’s health record.

When does the travel policy go into effect?

The policy goes into effect immediately, and will remain in effect through the end of the semester.

Does the policy apply to students who work overnight?

If a student goes to work overnight and returns to campus it would be no different than if a student went to work during the day.

If someone is  within the 3 month window after having tested positive, do they still need to get tested to return?

Students would not participate in the testing if they are in the 3 month window. However they need to be in communication with the Health Center regarding this status so that they are aware.