Faculty and Staff

Covid-19 Vaccination

A formal plan for the COVID-19 vaccination for the College has been developed by Human Resources in partnership with the Pandemic Response Team and the Health & Wellness Center.

Faculty and Staff Q&A

To read a transcript of the August 13th Faculty and Staff Livestream, with questions about our preparations answered by the Pandemic Response Team, please visit this pdf.

Speakers on the call included:

Kris Avery, Associate Vice President / Chief Human Resources Officer
Dr. Matt Goodwin Associate Vice President & Dean of Students
Sheri Piers, Director of Health and Wellness
Shawn Sheehan, Assistant Director of Facility Operations
Oliver Griswold, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer
Rob Wilson, Chief Business and Finance Officer
Dr. Michael Pardales, Chief Academic Officer
Corey McCarthy, Associate Athletic Director for Communication
Jim Dlugos, President

Safe at Work

Safe At Work, also referred to as The Saint Joseph’s College 2020 COVID-19 Infectious Disease Preparedness & Response Plan (the Plan), is designed to serve as a resource.  It provides our faculty, staff, and student employees with the tools needed to become informed in safety measures, new work methods, and how to protect each other from infectious disease.

The Plan aligns with The Occupational Safety & Health Administration Act of 1970 (OSHA, Infectious Disease Control), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, federal/state/local mandates, and higher education industry practices.

Our first priority is to make certain that every employee of Saint Joseph’s College is aware of the various components within this plan.  By releasing this Plan, Saint Joseph’s College hopes to clearly communicate initiatives moving forward, highlight workplace protocols in place to protect your safety, and establish a level of comfort for all of our employees as you prepare to return to campus.

The Plan is categorized by these topics:

  • Introduction
  • COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control Policy
  • Analysis of Exposure Risk
  • Workplace Controls
  • Returning to Work on Campus
  • Identification and Isolation of Sick Employees
  • Employee Benefits Related to COVID-19
  • Returning to Work After a COVID-19 Diagnosis
  • Travel Considerations
  • Visitors in the Workplace
  • Training
  • Employee Acknowledgment

To review the Plan, please open the attachment in the July 24 email. And to learn additional information regarding a topic within the Plan, click the embedded link, if applicable.

Read the SJC Wastewater Plan and Protocol for Testing of Employees 


As part of the Plan, all faculty, staff, and student employees are required to participate in online training offered by MEMIC, our workplace safety partner. The COVID-19 training, Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases, is assigned to you within the Safety Academy Learning Management System.

The Saint Joseph’s College 2020 COVID-19 and Infectious Disease Preparedness & Response Plan is part of the training, and by completing the training this is the acknowledgement to confirm that you have read the Plan.

Please participate in the training in accordance with the established schedule. The training is now available online, and the deadline to complete the training for staff is Friday, August 14th, and the completion deadline for faculty is Friday, August 21st.  Student employees will need to complete the training before beginning any work in conjunction with the start of the 2020 fall semester.

To access the training, please follow the easy instructions sent to you in a July 24th email from Human Resources.

Position Analysis

The Position Risk Analysis is a process outlined in the Plan that has been deployed to assess the risk level within each department by job groups and position titles. Workplace controls consisting of engineering, administrative/safety, alternative work arrangements and personal protective equipment, were identified to minimize the risk and potential spread of the coronavirus within our workplace. Managers are responsible for coordinating the gradual transition of staff to return to campus, varying work schedules, and managing flexible work options, such as telecommuting and rotating staff presence within the office. For more details, you can locate the position analysis data by clicking on the link embedded within the Plan.

Work Accommodations

We realize that some employees of any age with certain underlying medical conditions are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 and may need a work accommodation. These employees can request their need for an accommodation by contacting the Human Resources Department. Similar to the existing accommodation request process, the request will include an interactive dialogue with the employee, manager, and Heidi Jacques in Human Resources who is coordinating this process. Medical certification may be necessary to support the accommodation request.